Open to all Miami-Dade students in grades 3 – 12.

2023 registrations will open April 1st.

2022 WINNERS are announced here!

Watch their story video clips here!

For information and rules, go to https://laplumecontest.com/rules/

It all started for the love and necessity of dreaming, creating and sharing. We want to engage the imagination of young minds because of their extraordinary capacity to invent the future!

La Plume offers students the opportunity to express themselves through a short story with rules relevant to their grade level. A panel of professional from the literary, educational and the art world evaluate all submissions.

A Grand Prize, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner is selected per level (Elementary, Middle and High School). Cash prizes, Certificates and Creative Writing Workshops are awarded to all winners and for those participating in the workshops, their full edited story is compiled in an e-book. Each Grand Prize has also their manuscript published as a book and an audiobook. The Grand Prize and 1st Place winners have a video clip made on an excerpt of their story.

The other winning categories are the Honorary Finalist Award, the Achievement Award and the Encouragement Award for which everyone gets a Certificate and Creative Writing Workshops.

There is a $10 fee to enter. Students have the summer to write their stories, which have to be submitted on the first day of school. The Award Ceremony takes place in December.

For more information email: mystory@laplumecontest.com

La Plume Video Clips

The Grand Prize and 1st Place winners have a video clip made on an excerpt of their story. Go to the “stories” page for more https://laplumecontest.com/stories/


La Plume Communiqué

Congratulations to Emilia Ramos Samper who just published Crown of Scales and Wonder, her debut novel and first book of The Shadow Heir Trilogy. Emilia loves all things to do with creative writing and the performing arts. She won the 1st place in 2019 of the La Plume Young Writers’ Contest, and recently the NATS singing competition. She has been writing since she was six years old. It was only a matter of time before she published a book. You can buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

La Plume Audio

Listen to Lucia Rose Dahn narrating her story Alone, 2018 Middle School Level GRAND PRIZE Winner. Lucia portrays a conflicted protagonist, Fiona, who creates a world of her own, however, isolated from reality, We are in Alaska, and Fiona had lived by herself in the same cabin for 5 years. Because she was scared, except of Jack.


From parents:

“On behalf of our son, we wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful initiative and event. The award ceremony was exquisite in every sense, all details were taken care of and really, the best part, was to meet all you wonderful people behind La Plume. We remain grateful for all your efforts in producing the most wonderful award ceremony, and for the publication of the book, very well edited, with care and again, the evident love for detail that you show in all you do.” Amalia

“My daughter is ecstatic. Thank you for all the work you and the judges put into this contest. It means more than I can convey in words for a young woman to be recognized in this way. We are grateful to you and La Plume.” Mari Lutz

“Thanks to La Plume, my daughter has continued to write in her spare time and is looking forward to writing another story for this contest! Thank you again for hosting such a wonderful event for the kids and your support of the Arts.” Astrid

Dear Brigitte, thank you so much for the beautiful awards ceremony – and for organizing this fabulous annual writing challenge that encourages young minds to think in letters! We were so proud to be a part of it.” Jodi

We want to thank you and congratulate you for such a wonderful contest and award ceremony. Inspiring children in such an enthusiastic, positive and cheerful way is something to applaud. This is a wonderful dream you have and you work so hard to put together every year. You are giving wings to little butterflies!” Fernanda

The award ceremony was wonderful and I’m sure the kids had a good time. The award gifts continue to be very generous and well received. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for the kids to explore their creative interest and voice in this creative writing contest. My daughter’s desire to learn from the experience and endeavor to improve her writing is strong.” Ruth 

You really make each child feel so special and encourage a love of writing.” Jennifer

“Thanks so much for conducting such an inspiring contest for youth!” Tracie 

From judges:

Thank you for this opportunity to be a judge again. I LOVE reading the kids’ stories, and their talent seems beyond their years. I was truly inspired by the extent of their work. We have to both encourage and mentor budding writers. It is an honor to volunteer for this competition. I love how you’re offering a creative writing workshops to the finalists.” Betsy Devany 

“I just wanted to congratulate you again on another successful year of the La Plume project. What you do for these young artists is incredibly inspiring and important. I am grateful to have been included. It was an honor to share my story and my perspective on publishing. and it was a joy to witness how well these young writers were encouraged and celebrated.” Yolande Clark-Jackson