“First, think.
Second, believe.
Third, dream.
Fourth, dare.”
― Walt Disney

Below are book covers for the majority designed by the authors 

CONGRATULATIONS to all the young writers listed per year from 2011-2023 (go to the drop-down menu) and selected by our judges as outstanding in each level. 

After the submission deadline (first day of Miami-Dade Public Schools), manuscripts are read. A preliminary selection is made, semifinalists are selected, then the finalists who are evaluated based on the quality, creativity, originality and completeness of their work by a panel of judges from the literary, educational and the art world. This process takes about two months.

Winners are announced the last week October and the preparation of the Award Ceremony begins such as:

– The book design and printing of the Grand Prize stories in each level (Elementary, Middle and High School),

– The editing of the video clips on an excerpt from each story written by the Grand Prize and First Places winners,

– The making of the individual awards.

Everyone is celebrated at the Award Ceremony usually held the first weekend of December.

In January or February start the Creative Writing Workshop sessions.

2023 La Plume Award Ceremony Invitation

From judges:

Thank you for this opportunity to be a judge again. I LOVE reading the kids’ stories, and their talent seems beyond their years. I was truly inspired by the extent of their work. We have to both encourage and mentor budding writers. It is an honor to volunteer for this competition. I love how you’re offering a creative writing workshops to the finalists.” Betsy Devany. 

“I just wanted to congratulate you again on another successful year of the La Plume project. What you do for these young artists is incredibly inspiring and important. I am grateful to have been included. It was an honor to share my story and my perspective on publishing. and it was a joy to witness how well these young writers were encouraged and celebrated.” Yolande Clark-Jackson.