Entries 2016


Madelyn Grace ALTHAGE – Ellie Saves the Zoo – was in 3rd grade at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart.

Excerpt from the story
Once upon a time there lived a happy little elephant named Ellie. He loved living in the zoo with his mommy and all of his animal friends. He especially loved to see the joyous children who visited. Everything in Ellie’s world seemed perfect! Until one day he saw the sign…

His mother explained that the zookeeper could no longer afford to keep the zoo open. Sadly, he sold it to a man named Mr. Greeds. Mr. Greeds was going to take the land and build condominiums! For humans! “He sold the zoo?”, Ellie wondered. “Isn’t this our home?” Ellie was confused. What was going to happen to him and his family and friends? All of the animals were devastated by the news but there was nothing they could do.
“Or was there?”.

That night, Ellie thought and thought and finally came up with a bright idea! “I’ll get a job and use the money to save the zoo! How hard can it be?” The next morning he gathered his mommy and friends to reveal his great plan. Ellie knew they would be so excited! They would all cheer and call him a hero! But that is not what happened at all. All of the animals were silent when suddenly they began laughing hysterically. One in particular, a sloth named Fred, made fun of Ellie the most. “You can’t get a job, you’re an eight year old zoo elephant!”
Ellie hung his head low and turned to his mommy. “Now, now baby Ellie, do not listen to them. I believe you can do anything if you follow your heart…”

Mia PEHLIVANLAR – The Edge – was in 6th grade at G.W. Carver Middle School.    

Excerpt from the story
It wasn’t particularly busy on the I-85, so no one took much notice of the scrawny teenage girl standing at the highways edge, her matted jet-black hair hanging limply at her shoulders. No one saw her tentatively swing one leg over the barrier, perching herself precariously over the concrete several stories below. No one but the sandy haired, wild-eyed boy swerving down the highway in his mom’s silver Mercedes. “Hullo, Josephine!” he called through the half-open window. “Be careful there, you might fall over the e-“ he stopped at the sight of the girl’s tear-stained face. Grayson slowly began to piece together the situation. He heaved open the car door and ambled over to the frightened girl. Just as she took another step closer to the periphery of the highway, he grabbed her hand. “Don’t,” he said softly.

Eight months later

Josephine happily sauntered out of Ms. Sinclair’s office for the last time…..

Alex GONGLEWSKI – I Appreciate Negative Space – was in 9th grade at Palmetto Senior High School.

Excerpt from the story
“Are you nervous?”

That was most definitely rhetorical- because why would someone be asking a question to which the answer was obvious? My eyes don’t meet hers; they instead find some kind of interest in the wall behind her chair. My lips are chapped since I couldn’t bring myself to actually use the unwrapped Chapstick in my jacket pocket. My fingers take positions that in any other situation would seriously worry me. The dull room seemed to be shrinking on me, and the only thing on my mind was getting the hell out. The words were probably a reassurance, like “in case you forgot the metaphorical cliff of anxiety you were just climbing, I’ll just ask you about it- but in a very calm robotic voice.” Yeah, it was most definitely a rhetorical question.

“I don’t know, am I?”

Of course I found myself answering it anyways, and not even seriously- my voice was laced in sarcasm …….

Logan SHAPIRO – How Hurricanes Came to Be – was in 4th grade at Pinecrest Elementary.

Excerpt from the story
Once there were two brothers, Boreas and Notus. They were always together but also always fighting. While brothers often fight, this was not your ordinary family. Their parents were Zeus and Hera, King and Queen of the Gods. Hera was always trying to keep them from fighting so they would not upset their father. This went on for many years until one day, Zeus, who was trying to rest for a few minutes (Gods need rest too), was woken from his nap by the sounds of the two brothers fighting. Zeus decided he would separate the two as far away as possible and made Boreas the God of the North Wind and Notus the God of the South Wind. That way the two would be on opposite sides of the Earth and that would prevent them from fighting once and for all.

At first, there was peace between the brothers. However, Hera was not happy with her Husband Zeus’ decision to separate them. Many years later, humans began navigating the Oceans and the brothers enjoyed filling their sails with wind to fuel their journeys. The brothers actually worked in harmony. Since the North Wind could only blow south from the north and the South Wind could only blow north from the south, they had to work together to send vessels back and forth. separating them seemed to have worked to keep them from fighting.

One day all that changed…….

Megan MAGUIRE – Hearing Colors – was in 6th grade at Palmer Trinity School.  

Excerpt from the poem

Sounds like waves crashing against the sand,
Our Vacation in Cancun
My whole family snorkeling
The color of togetherness
Sounds like the words “Grandma’s Gone,
She wasn’t in Cancun
Red brings up mixed emotions
It’s happy and sad


The sound of the oven timer when there are
cookies in the oven
The smell of that chocolate chip goodness
Tastes like cookies melting in your mouth
Feels like a hug from Grandma
She made the best cookies
I wish she were still here ……..

Nicole NIXON – Snow White After Ever After – was in 9th grade at Gulliver Preparatory School.

Excerpt from the story
…….. The Prince and I rode his white horse to the gleaming palace in the distance as I bounced with excitement.  I finally had a prince! He looked so handsome…

“I`m glad I found you Snow.” The Prince interrupted my thoughts, “I`ve been looking for you for ages.”

I frowned, “My evil stepmother kept my existence a secret.  How did you know about me before you found me?”

“Because you`re my sister.” He replied.  I froze, staring at him with my mouth agape. “But… you gave me true love`s kiss.” I whispered.

“Yeah, because you`re my sister and I love you.” The Prince said, “Our father divorced our mother and married your stepmother when you were three. All three of you moved to the castle you grew up in.  However, that witch killed our father soon after and used magic to cloak your location.  I would have never happened upon you if I had been trying, but thankfully, I was simply out hunting the day I found you.”

I stared at him in shock, “I thought you rescued me because you fell in love with me.” “Don`t be silly.  Who falls in love at first sight?” the prince laughed.

I nodded, seeing the sense in his words, “Well that`s true.  What`s your name?”

“I`m Phillip.  Now we need to rescue another one of our sisters.  Her name is Aurora, though she`s also known as Sleeping Beauty. She`s in a dragon guarded castle.”

“Whoa, tight security.” I said.  Then Phillip turned into a dark forest.

“Why aren`t we going to the castle?” I asked nervously. This forest reminded me of the terrifying one I ran through to get away from the evil queen.

“Don`t worry.” Phillip said soothingly, “I`m just going to get a few more of our sisters.”

Geez, how many siblings do I have? I wondered.

Suddenly the horse bucked, and I fell to the ground.  I looked up to find a knife inches from my eyes, causing me to scream and cover my face, “Stand down Belle!  She`s with me!” Phillip called.  I peeked between my fingers to see a dark-haired woman with hazel eyes watching me with suspicion.

“Who is she?” Belle asked Phillip. I then pulled my hands away from my face, causing her to gasp, “Oh my gosh!  You`re Snow White!” I nodded tentatively, “Well hi Snow.  I`m your sister.  Well, half-sister.  We only have the same mother.” She pulled me to my feet, “How old are you?” Belle asked.

“I`m fourteen.” I answered, feeling a bit self-conscious.

Belle`s eyes widened, “Wow, you`re just a kid.” She turned to her brother who was tying the horse to a tree, “Are you sure she should come?  This is a dangerous mission.”