The best ideas are living inside you. So, jump start your imagination and write with your heart! Take the ordinary, give it a twist and turn it into the extraordinary.

Among other prizes, the Grand Prize winners have their manuscript published as a book (click on the cover on each webpage to preview it) and, with the First Place winners, a video clip made on an excerpt from their story.

The entries and video clips are presented per year from 2011-2022 (drop-down menu). Video clips started two years ago. 

Every book fee is La Plume cost for a limited order below 10. You can get a lower price by ordering a softcover book with standard paper but the quality won’t be the same. For any questions, please contact us at

Once the 2022 stories will be returned fully edited, a compilation eBook and audiobooks narrated by their author will be added.

Medley of covers for the majority designed by the authors.