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Massimo TARRIDASThe Talking Furniture – was in 6th grade at Sunset Elementary.
Teacher: Mr. Juan Carlos Arana.

Excerpt from the story
…….. “Guys, sorry to interrupt” said Door, “but somebody is trying to open me.”
“What, they can’t be back yet, they just left yesterday!” exclaimed T.V.
“I don’t think it’s our owners” replied Door.
“Why not?” asked Bookshelf.
“Because he’s using a picklock!”

The door slowly moves back and forth, almost opening and creaking loudly. Bookshelf whispers, “Furniture, listen up! I told you we were going to be next. This apartment building is robbed every year! Everybody listen, don’t worry, stay calm, and plan 42.” Just then, the door swings open, a fairly thin hooded figure standing in the doorway like a warlord who has just won a battle. A split second later with incredible agility he pops open the alarm system, and cuts two wires, automatically shutting it off. The robber (let’s call him Bob) slowly looks around inspecting anything he can take of value, knowing he has plenty of time to steal, as he was well informed by a friend that the family was out on vacation.
“Aghhh!” Bob suddenly screams. He fell to the floor in a jumble because he had tripped over a chair leg. The chair had seemed to move, but….that was impossible thought Bob………