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Thank you for submitting the Registration Form. Within 24 hours, I will personally email you to confirm your application. If you are the teacher, no further action is required on your part. Brigitte K.

*Please download (if not done already) the Parental Authorization Form below, valid for any contestant under 18 of age and also for students of 18 or older.  Fill out the form, sign and email it at

2024 La Plume Parental Authorization Form.pdf

*Please, pay below the one-time $10 entry fee unless it is waived (for students in need, for any student as long as they are applied directly by their current school teacher, and for Miami-Dade homeschooled students.)


arts be you, inc (artsbeyou) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization recently created by Brigitte Kishlar, founder of Miami Conservatory of Music, of MCA academy and co-founder of La Plume Young Writers’ Contest. 

arts be you’s mission is to invest in children and youth to advance artistic innovation and creativity, while expanding the reach of the arts in various literary, visual and performing arts mediums for the benefit of individuals and communities.